Initial consultation

The first step is a free, confidential consultation and is simply a time where we get to know each other in a one-on-one conversation. We’ll discuss your current financial situation and your financial goals. I’ll explain my approach and how I can help you.

After our initial consultation, if you feel comfortable that we can work together, we begin.

Building your spending plan

Together we go through your expenses in detail and begin to build a true picture of your current financial situation.

Using this information, we’ll work together to create a Spending Plan that is tailored to your specific circumstances and that will be realistic for you to follow.

Putting your spending plan into action

After the initial set up of your plan, you’ll be asked to give regular updates to make sure you’re on track. I’ll check your progress, help you with questions that arise and be available to adjust your plan to ensure that it always works for you.

I’ll be your coach and support you along your journey until you’re confident you can go it alone.

Over 30,000 people in Australia have used the Spending Planner system to take back control. If you want to move forward, to put the struggling and worry behind you, then contact me to arrange an obligation free consultation.

Lina Vacirca

Tel: 0419 154 868


With our Spending Plan service we review your living expenses and help you by building a personal Spending Plan that will help you plan for your bills, work on paying off any debts, and maybe even tuck a little away for that holiday you wish you could afford.

The best thing about our program is that we don’t take control and do it for you, we teach you how to follow your plan and manage your bills yourself. We educate you with the skills to take control and start your journey to Financial Freedom.